Cloud Penetration Testing

Our cloud penetration testing services identify vulnerabilities in your AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud infrastructure and guide you on how to improve cloud security.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Improve Cloud Security

Reduce organizational risk and improve cloud security

Gartner estimates up to 95% of cloud breaches occur due to human errors such as configuration mistakes. Attackers constantly scan the internet to find these security gaps. Our cloud penetration testing services identify configuration issues and vulnerabilities in your Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and guide you to close the security gaps and improve your cloud security posture.

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"While an organization could host Azure on their own, they would miss the benefits of having trustworthy partners such as NetSPI and go without the direct line of communication with Microsoft." – Jeremy Maxwell, Chief Security Officer at Veradigm
"We loved the service during our Azure penetration test. It was a nice journey – the team was great to work with and very supportive." – Steven Jatnieks, Chief Technology Officer at Safari
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AWS Penetration Testing

AWS Penetration Testing

AWS penetration testing helps you find cloud security gaps that create exposure and risk. It is a necessary component of security if your organization is migrating to AWS, developing applications in AWS, or pentesting annually for compliance.

During AWS penetration tests, NetSPI identifies vulnerabilities, credentials, and misconfigurations that allow our expert cloud pentesters to access restricted resources, elevate user privileges, and expose sensitive data. Testing also identifies exposure of internet-exposed management interfaces, S3 buckets exposed to the internet, and security gaps in AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) configurations.

Azure Penetration Testing

Azure Penetration Testing

Whether you are migrating to Azure, developing applications in Azure, or pentesting annually for compliance, Microsoft Azure penetration testing helps you ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure.

NetSPI identifies high impact vulnerabilities found in your Azure cloud services, including applications exposed to the internet. Our Azure pentesting also finds credentials, excessive privileges, and misconfigurations in Azure Active Directory that can lead to the compromise of your Azure infrastructure and enable an attacker to expose sensitive data, take over Azure resources, or pivot to attack your internal network.

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Google Cloud (GCP) Penetration Testing

Google Cloud (GCP) Penetration Testing

Google Cloud penetration testing helps organizations establish security as they migrate to Google Cloud, develop applications in GCP, or use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

During Google Cloud penetration tests, NetSPI tests for vulnerabilities that adversaries can exploit. Our testing goes beyond automated scanning to manually exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to identify security gaps in your Google Cloud attack surface.

Cloud Pentesting Services

NetSPI pentests your cloud infrastructure wherever it is hosted. We follow manual and automated penetration testing processes that use commercial, open source, and proprietary cloud pentesting tools to evaluate your AWS, Azure or GCP infrastructure from the perspective of anonymous and authenticated users.

Configuration Review

Our expert cloud pentesters evaluate the configurations of your AWS, Azure or GCP services and the identity and access management policies applied to those services. Misconfigurations can lead to significant security impact in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform environments.

External Cloud Pentesting

External cloud security testing services include vulnerability scans and manual pentesting probes of your AWS, Azure or GCP infrastructure to uncover issues in public-facing services. This includes web and network-related security issues.

Internal Network Pentesting

Internal network layer testing of virtual machines and services enables NetSPI to emulate an attacker that has gained a foothold on a virtual network.

Cloud Security Resources

How Do You Know You’re Covered in the Cloud?

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Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing

In this webinar, learn about common security gaps we find as businesses migrate to a cloud infrastructure.

Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing for CISOs & Security Managers

Be proactive and reduce your risk through cloud penetration testing, which probes for cloud security gaps – so your company can fix them and prevent unwanted access.

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