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Breach and Attack Simulation

It takes one click to give an adversary everything they need to access your global environment. Our proven technology and expert teams will evaluate your detective controls to prepare you for real-world threats throughout the cyber kill chain.

Only 20 percent of common attack behaviors are caught by EDR, SIEM, and MSSP out-of-the-box solutions.

NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation delivers a centralized detective control platform that gives organizations the ability to create and execute customized procedures utilizing purpose-built technology and professional human pentesters to simulate real-world attacker behaviors, not just IoC’s, and put your detective controls to the test in a way no other organization can. NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation helps build your resiliency to:

  • Ransomware
  • Denial of service
  • Data loss
  • Fraud
  • Information leaks
  • And more!

NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation enables you to:

  • Build, configure and run customizable procedures to achieve the viewpoint of your environment from an attacker’s lens at scale
  • Use procedure toolkit to replicate approaches and automate tasks in a safe environment
  • Utilize KPIs to track and trend effectiveness of controls over time
  • Identify coverage gaps and prioritize remediate activity based on risk
  • Benchmark security posture versus others in your industry
  • Leverage results to evaluate security products and MSSPs
  • Discover actionable data from the Workspace, Timeline, and Heat Map dashboards
  • Assess M&A targets to understand the digital environment
  • Ability to export findings in JSON format
  • Consolidate and organize data into a single, centralized platform
  • Educate SOC teams on network controls and common attack techniques using manual procedures, descriptions, and links provided throughout the engagement

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