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The CISO’s Guide to Securing AI/ML Models 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has limitless potential for business applications — and conversely — the same potential for adversarial attacks.  

As your team explores developing Machine Learning (ML) models of your own, NetSPI is here to guide security from ideation to implementation. We created this whitepaper to help the industry work toward a shared understanding of Adversarial Machine Learning (AML) so we all can enhance the collective security of ML models together. 

Chapters in this whitepaper include:  

  • Cybersecurity Questions to Ask Before Starting Your AI Development Journey 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus Machine Learning (ML) 
  • Key Terminology in AI Cybersecurity 
  • A Primer on Adversarial Machine Learning 
  • Embracing Trustworthy AI as a Guiding Principle 
  • Challenges to Growing the AI Cybersecurity Knowledge Base 
  • How AI Penetration Testing Secures AI/ML Systems 

Get started with security your ML models by accessing our whitepaper today.


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