The Challenge

Gong is committed to the security of its customer data. Its dedicated security team approaches security comprehensively based on industry best practices and alignment to a common controls framework. Mike Siegel, offensive security staff engineer, plays a crucial role in maintaining customer trust.   

Mike leads Gong’s offensive security program, overseeing important components such as its bug bounty program, red team, and third-party penetration testing. Mike’s team performs internal penetration testing of new features to help to ensure the security of applications. The team further enhances security via impartial testing by NetSPI.  

Mike first got in touch with NetSPI during an RFP process – he included NetSPI by recommendation from a former colleague. At the time, Gong had been using a different penetration testing vendor and Mike thought it was time for a new perspective. 

“With NetSPI, we do penetration testing of our web application and Android-based mobile applications. We like to get a fresh set of eyes on our code base, which is constantly changing. We are always adding and deploying new features,” Mike described.

Why Gong Selected and Continues to Work with NetSPI
  1. Streamlined communication: Gong values the quality of communication with NetSPI. As described by Mike, “The NetSPI team has been very responsive and communicates clearly. They ask for what they need. They’ve been amenable to our situation as well – if we are having trouble getting a build ready, we work together to find a common solution. No response is cookie cutter – they take in what I say and respond with a solution.”
  2. Time saved with ResolveNetSPI’s vulnerability management platform, Resolve, impresses Mike with its step-by-step proof of concepts, including screenshots and instructions. “NetSPI saves me hours and hours because I don’t have to spend time reproducing vague proof of concepts, wrangling spreadsheets, writing ticketing system integrations, etc. like I have had to do with past vendors. With Resolve, I have a dashboard I can easily log into. It integrates with our ticketing system, auto updates, and creates tickets.”
  3. Sales support: Gong’s sales engineers benefit from access to Resolve, enabling them to address customer concerns promptly and efficiently.  “Rather than sending them a 300-page PDF, I can give our sales engineers access to Resolve and our findings, allowing them to easily access proof of concepts, project timelines, and commentary between Gong and NetSPI’s testers. Resolve has made internal communication a lot easier,” Mike explained.
Considering Working With NetSPI?
Here’s What Mike Would Tell You:

“Utilize the Resolve platform’s features because it makes life easier. It doesn’t take much time to get your ticketing system and single sign-on set up in advance. With NetSPI, getting the ticketing system integration set up was so easy. It took less than 15 minutes on a call, whereas other vendors we’ve talked to required us to run Python scripts, set up our own Lambda functions, and more.”

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